“The Love Story Book”
A special love story book for newlyweds

Have you ever questioned yourself, why wedding photos are a must for newlyweds and what significance wedding photography carries?

Indeed, everyone of us may have very different perceptions of wedding photography. As a matter of fact, it is a kind of actual documentation of that big occasion, perpetuating all the sweetest moments in life. That moment when both of you gaze into each other's eyes will be immortalized as the most alluring scene in your memories.

No more dust-covered memories of yesteryear lying idly in the store room, “The Love Story Book” are witnesses of the most blessed moments in your life. Every time when you look back, it's will calls back those heart-warming memories.

2015 New Year Promotion Package

Best Selling Package included

2 x Wedding Gown

2 x Evening Gown

1 x Casual Wear

Coat (Flexible)

Make-up, Hair-do

Hand Bouquet

Cover Studio and 1 Outdoor (PJ or KL)